Brandon Slagley MD

 Hometown: Greenville, AL

 Practice Location: Greenville, AL

Traditional Inpatient/Outpatient with procedures Endoscopy and GXT/Nursing home Medical Director

Mission Trips: (1) Honduras (2) Dominican Republic (medical school and residency)


St. Vincent East FP Residency was the perfect place for me to train for my current practice setting.  High outpatient and inpatient volume throughout training prepared me to jump into a very busy solo practice including lots of ICU/critical care.  I used my elective time to learn extra procedures like Colonoscopy and Stress Tests that are valuable skills to offer in the small town setting and have been in high demand.  More important than the medical knowledge was the professional, personal and spiritual growth during my three years.  I wouldn't trade this for training anywhere in the country.


Monica Neeley Riggins, MD

Hometown: Sylvania, AL

Practice Location: Hospitalist; Gadsden Regional Medical Center, Gadsden, AL

Mission Trips: Caibarién, Villa Clara, Cuba and Eretria, Euboea, Greece


I could not have asked for better family medicine training.  The faculty and staff at St. Vincent's East are inspiring and attentive, providing individualized mentorship in clinical care, teaching, and personal development.  The training I received prepared me well for my career as a hospitalist.  My favorite part of the program is the people - attendings, staff, and fellow residents made even the most challenging days enjoyable.  The program is like a big family, and the camaraderie amongst residents and faculty is truly unique. The relationships that I developed during residency continue to be both personally and professionally enriching.

Tom Edwards, MD

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Practice Type: Hope Health Center- a Christian non-profit clinic, Birmingham- Fairfield , Alabama

Missions Trips: Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa (long term); Gonaives, Haiti; Nairobi, Kenya


I was already board certified in internal medicine when I entered the family medicine residency program in 1983. I felt called to be a medical missionary overseas and knew that in that context, I would be doing a lot more than just adult medicine.  This residency program did an excellent job of equipping me in pediatrics, OB-GYN, and other areas outside of internal medicine. One year after my graduation, I was in Pakistan doing C-sections.  I eventually ended up in Ivory Coast, West Africa for 10 years.  My training had me well prepared.

I continue to be thankful for my training now that I am back in the U.S. providing medical care to the underserved in urban Birmingham, AL.  I have continued to maintain a wonderful relationship with many of the doctors at St. Vincent’s East who are a great resource both in knowledge and in helping provide medical care to some of the uninsured patients I see. My partner, Dr. Ben Davidson, is also a graduate from St. Vincent’s East Family Medicine Residency.  I cannot say enough about the excellent physician and person he is.

I continue to lead medical mission trips every year.  I usually have one resident on our team; they are hard workers, team players, and eager to learn.  I find they also are of the same character when I have the opportunity to have one of the residents rotate with me in clinic.  Because of my training and the quality of residents that I continue to work with, I would highly recommend this residency for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Family Medicine.








Current Residents


Brooke Uptagrafft, MD

Hometown: Huntsville, AL

Practice Location: Gleneagles Family Medicine, Huntsville, AL – Ambulatory/Inpatient FM


St Vincent's East is a one of a kind residency! Throughout residency I was able to develop my own style of being a physician with the guidance of a diverse and excellent group of attending physicians. I was prepared academically for exceptional patient care.  I had the opportunity to be trained by experts on any procedure I wanted to be able to offer in my private practice. I was able to balance my family and spiritual life with my medical career.  But, what I take with me most every day in my work is the Christ-like attitude displayed consistently by the physicians I trained with.  My fellow residents, faculty physicians and specialists that I rotated with were a unique group of people that I am forever thankful. Quality mentorship is one of the MOST important aspects of any resident’s training with this program ensuring it is provided daily in a meaningful way.

Jamie Bell, DO

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Practice Location: St Vincent's Family Care Moody (Moody, AL) - outpatient care practice

Mission Trips: Gonaives, Haiti


St Vincent's East Family Practice is a very special place where both intellectual and spiritual growth occurs. It was there that I became not only a competent, well trained, equipped, Family Medicine Physician but also a true humanitarian. SVE afforded me the knowledge and skills to provide quality, comprehensive, compassionate medicine. Thus, I consider my time in residency as an absolute blessing revealing to me that physicians are often vessels through which God chooses to work.


Name: Rafael Briceno, M.D.
Hometown: Venezuela

Private Practice: Hospitalist; Fort Lauderdale, Florida


SVE Family practice is a strong program. This program sees you as a part of the family and will help you achieve success from internship to senior resident. By the end of your residency, you will become an excellent doctor and, most importantly, you will grow in terms of becoming a better person. The sky is the limit after you finish your training; you can pursue any practice type and emphasis you desire.  This program will guide you all the way to achieve your goals and the American dream!



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The full-time faculty members of SVE Family Medicine Residency Program are all board-certified physicians who are committed to maintaining Biblical principles in their relationships with both patients and residents. It is our steadfast intent to foster an atmosphere that cultivates excellence in all arenas of the resident's life and medical education. We are not only dedicated to the whole patient, but to the whole resident.

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Established in 1977, St. Vincent’s East Family Medicine Residency Program (formerly Medical Center East) in Birmingham, Alabama is a community-based, solo residency program dedicated to a strong tradition of excellence in patient care, service and medical education.

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